Cargo Lashing & Tow Out Surveys

Cargo Lashing & Tow Out Surveys in Queensland & Australia

Queensland Ship Surveyors are experienced providers of cargo lashing, suitability for a tow, dead ship tow, on-hire and off-hire barge and related surveys to clients in all ports in Australia and the Oceania region. We can help our clients to reduce the incidences of personal injury or death, negative environmental impacts and property damage caused by incorrect lashing and securing cargo and/or towing arrangements.

Cargo lashing refers to the securing of cargo for transportation at sea. Our surveys and calculations prevent shifting of the cargo when at sea either on a costal voyage or a blue water deep sea voyage, regardless of the length of the voyage. If you have cargo that is secured incorrectly on a vessel, you are taking some serious risks when the voyage begins.

For instance, you could end up in a situation where some of your cargo breaks free and ends up overboard because it was not adequately secured. The shipment is a monetary loss if you’re losing it at sea and you’re also running the risk of your crew members being hurt or killed if the cargo breaks free.

These are issues that we can prevent. Our surveys will assess your cargo lashing and tow out requirements. We will conduct all the necessary work to ensure that you are compliant with recognised maritime industry tow out and cargo lashing practice.
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Cargo Lashing

There are many methods of cargo lashing which include the use of ropes, cables, wires, straps and chains. It’s crucial to lash cargo to the ships deck so it doesn’t move around when your vessel is in transit.
Queensland Ship Surveyors will do everything to ensure that you are engaging in safe and compliant lashing practices. We carry out surveys that are in accordance with recognised marine standards. We work to the highest standards of safety regarding cargo lashing.
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Tow Out Surveys

Our tow out surveys include bollard pull calculations to assess the suitability of towing with a particular tug. Calculations include frictional resistances, wind, waves and current resistance etc.
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Safety First

Whether you’re planning a one-off journey or running a company that undertakes regular commercial voyages carrying cargo, using our services will ensure that no mistakes are made or shortcuts taken. Safety is of paramount importance and our cargo lashing surveys also save you money on any potentially damaged or lost shipments.