Robotic RPAS/UAV/Drone Inspections

confined space Inspections in Queensland & Australia

Queensland Ship Surveyors is committed to using the latest techniques and most advanced technologies to provide superior inspection and surveying assistance to our clients. Part of our work now involves the use of Robotic/RPAS/UAV Drones when carrying out inspections of confined spaces.

Using this proven technology enables us to access confined and inaccessible spaces. We can inspect and explore different compartments using the purpose designed flyability ELIOS here in Queensland and all over Australia. We reduce shut down times, reduce client costs and ensure a more accurate and comprehensive result with each survey or inspection.

Confined Space Inspections Using Collision Tolerant Drone

Experience the new patent designed collision tolerant confined space inspection drone. The drone is classification society approved for the inspection of confined spaces such as, but not limited to – Ballast tanks, Void compartments, Pipe Passages, Cargo Holds, Exhaust funnels, Boilers & Economisers.

Confined Space Drone





Thanks to the new technology, Queensland Ship Surveyors can:

  • Conduct assessments on the most inaccessible, complex spaces, these can now be inspected, explored, and condition assessed using our specialist drones.
  • Help make Zero Harm a reality.
  • Stop putting lives at risk, reduce shut down times & reduce your costs. We capture high definition video, including infrared and still photos for an in-depth analysis.
  • Ensure that people no longer need to enter dangerous spaces & be exposed to threatening situations.
  • Perform inspections that take only hours or often just minutes. Scaffolding, rope access or cranes are no longer required to perform visual inspections.

We manage and comply with all aviation regulatory requirements. Our survey/inspection company uses the world’s first purpose-designed, collision tolerant drone to inspect & explore inside the most inaccessible, complex, cluttered, confined spaces as well as above ground structures.
Drone for inspecting Cargo and Ship — Marine Surveying in Cairns, QLD

Only The Best For Our Clients

Our drone inspections are part of a commitment we made to our clients and ourselves when we first started our operations. Queensland Ship Surveyors will always do what is necessary to deliver the best, most efficient and most comprehensive results for our clients. If that means investing in and learning about the latest survey technologies, such as robotic equipment we are happy to do so.
When we first began using the ELIOS as part of our inspections, many of our clients were unsure about whether they served a practical purpose. A few months later, clients realised we were delivering survey and inspection results that were far superior, faster and with more detail than before.
Since implementing the innovative confined space inspection technology in Queensland and Australia, we have been steadily increasing our client base to include not only marine shipping industry but also other industries such as power generation stations, water utlities, mining, city councils, factories and sugar mills just to name a few.