On/Off Hire/Bunker/Cargo & Hold Surveys

On Hire/Off Hire Bunker Surveys in Queensland

On hire/off hire condition surveys are an essential element of owning and managing a commercial vessel. An on hire condition survey is conducted prior to a vessel going on charter and the off hire survey is carried out when the ship is coming off charter.

The bunker survey is an important part of on/off hire survey. It's important that the ships fuel bunker quantities are assessed at the start and close of a charter.

On Hire or Off Hire Bunker — Marine Surveying in Cairns, QLD

Cargo Hold Condition & Damage Surveys

Many ship owners often hire out their vessels. In these instances, it’s crucial to understand the condition of your vessel before and after each hire period. It's important to both the ship owner and charterer to be aware of what damage, if any, is pre-existing prior to the start of the charter period.
If our client requires it, we can provide a RPAS/UAV/Drone closeup (within 200mm) visual survey inspection of the cargo hold upper frame and ledges and provide 4K high definition photographic and/or video data without the need for cherry pickers, scissor lifts, cranes, scaffolding or rope/abseilers.