Insurance Claims

Marine Insurance Claims in Queensland & Australia

Marine insurance claim surveys are necessary when a vessel suffers damage or loss as a result of an accident on the seas or while dry docked. Companies or individuals that are running commercial operations with ships will need to have the appropriate insurance, which is also the case for any individual or business that is running a boat on the seas.

A marine insurance claim survey is necessary to determine the cause of damage, nature of damage and extent of the damage. Queensland Ship Surveyors are experienced and reliable providers of these insurance claim surveys.

When hired by insurance companies, businesses or individuals, we can assess hull damage, machinery and equipment damage, cargo damage and other damage to the vessel or anything else that was on board. Any insurance company that is responding to a claim will hire a surveyor to assess the damage to the vessel. If instructed to do so we can also conduct estimation of the cost of repairs in relation to the claim.

We have experience in assessing insurance claim damages caused by, but not limited to groundings, storm damage, collison damage, machinery damage and/or through negligence etc. Our damage reports are job specific surveys that will assess the extent of damage to a vessel, along with providing details on the probable cause of that damage. We also make recommendations about repairs to the vessel before it is ready for another voyage. If you require an insurance claim assessment, contact Queensland Ship Surveyors for assistance today.
Insurance Survey — Marine Surveying in Cairns, QLD

Thorough and Detailed Inspections

Part of the reason Queensland Ship Surveyors is the number one choice for insurance companies and commercial operations requiring insurance claim assessments is because of the way we utlise the latest technology to enhance information gathering for our clients and our forensic survey methods.

We work efficiently and use the latest techniques and advanced equipment to determine the extent of damage, causes of damage and the cost of associated repairs.
Inspecting Survey Machine — Marine Surveying in Cairns, QLD

Condition and Valuation Surveys

A Condition and Valuation survey report is generally required by an insurance underwriter to determine whether or not a vessel is an acceptable risk. They are interested in the structural integrity and seaworthiness of the vessel for its intended use.
Therefore, the primary focus of the condition and valuation report is on aspects that could lead to the loss of the vessel due to sinking, fire or dismasting and the possible endangerment of its crew and passengers.

Our inspections include hull and deck structure, bulkheads, keel and fastenings, mechanical installations, steering systems, mast and rigging (where accessible) and navigation equipment.