Condition & Valuation Surveys

Condition & Valuation Surveys in Queensland & Australia

Condition and valuation surveys are crucial when it comes to buying, financing or insuring your boat. These surveys are conducted to assess fair market value and condition of a vessel, usually for insurance and financing purposes. If you want to buy a vessel, you will require a condition and valuation survey to know whether you are paying a fair price and not entering into an agreement that will cause you problems in the future.

We can help you determine the condition and value of the boat in question. Many people we deal with are not 100 per cent aware of the finer details that play an essential role in understanding the value and true condition of the boat - THATS OUR SPECIALISATION.
Thorough Surveys — Marine Surveying in Cairns, QLD

Thorough & Comprehensive Surveys

The beauty of hiring Queensland Ship Surveyors is that you are receiving the highest quality of service. We are thorough and efficient when it comes to our condition and valuation survey work.
We take a very hands on approach, we get our hands dirty in order to inspect or assess the parts of the vessel and test all equipment to ensure that it’s running correctly (Subject to someone familiar with the vessel being on board at the time of the survey).

We will determine the overall condition of the vessel in order to place an accurate value on it. We’ll compile a detailed report for you, advising you of the state and the monetary value of the vessel.
Whether you are buying a vessel for commercial purposes, a yacht that you plan to rent out as part of your business or you are an individual purchasing a small boat to take out for pleasure, using our survey as leverage will help ensure you are aware of any potentially costly deficiences that may need repair.

We’re independent, accredited and experienced marine surveyors who will be thorough, efficient and honest in our assessment. Our goal is to provide you with a full report stating the condition and valuation of the vessel.

The report we provide to our clients includes details such as vessel identification, vessel age and condition, operating condition of the vessel systems, valuation methodology and a formal independent valuation statement. If you are planning to buy a vessel for individual or commercial use, contact Queensland Ship Surveyors for condition and valuation surveying assistance today.